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Referee Process


Publication Process

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Academic Journal Etkileşim is an open access, national refereed scientific journal.
1. Before the review process, Editors and Editorial Board pre-evaluate the manuscripts together with the "Ethics Committee Approval Report", the "Copyright Transfer Agreement" and the documents (obtained through Turnitin or iThenticate).
2. The journal employs double-blind refereeing system. The article sent by the author is sent to two national / international referees, who are experts in the relevant field, after the editorial pre-evaluation.
3. After the evaluation and the referee report, the article is ready to be published.
4. In case of two different referee reports, the article is sent to the third referee.
5. In case of "unpublished" report from both referees, the editor submits the referee reports to the author together with the "not published" decision.
6. If one or both of the referee reports indicate correction, the article is sent to the author together with the correction reports. The author is asked to make corrections within one month at the latest and send the article to the editor of the journal.
7. The author is obliged to take into account the evaluation, criticism and suggestions of the referee and the Editorial Board. In the event that the evaluation, criticism and suggestions are not approved, the author has the right to report them to the editor of the journal.
8. The article, which is sent to the editor of the journal after the correction process is completed by the author, is sent again to the same referees if deemed necessary by the Editor and the Editorial Board. In this process, a new report may be requested regarding whether the relevant corrections have been made in line with the recommendations.
9. The articles are listed in the publication list in line with the completion dates of the referee evaluation processes.
10. Articles are subject to the editing process by the relevant editors according to their language (Turkish / English). Articles are sent to the authors for a final check before publication.
11. Articles are not returned to the authors, regardless of whether they are included in the scope of publication or not. However, authors have the right to withdraw their manuscripts before the publication stage with a justification.
12. No fee is paid to the author and no fee is charged for the published articles.
13. Articles are available free of charge in print and digital.
14. Manuscripts sent to Etkileşim /Reviews and Remarks section (such as book reviews, interviews, translations) do not undergo refereeing process; hence “Call For Articles” does not apply to Etkileşim /Reviews and Remarks, there is no deadline for such manuscripts and they are welcome throughout the year.

Etkileşim Journal Article Categories


Research Article: These are the studies that include an original research in which a topic in the field of communication or social sciences is discussed in line with the findings obtained by scientific research methods, and where the literature study, method description and research findings / results are conveyed.
Review Article: These are studies in which previous studies on a subject in the field of communication or social sciences are reviewed in detail, and the information obtained from these studies is discussed with the current literature within a frame determined by the author.

Etkileşim / Comment

Essay: These are the studies in which the author discusses an idea in the field of communication or social sciences based on his own views and emphasizes the importance of a subject with its reasons.
Book Review: These are the studies where a book is examined and evaluated in terms of subject, content and importance. Author(s), after giving some information about the book, make evaluations about the subject and content. Then they make criticisms about the purpose of the book, its content, its contribution to the field, and its missing points(s).
Interview: These are studies conducted with the experts in the field of communication or social sciences to present their perspectives on a current issue, to convey discussions, to identify the inadequacies in these discussions and to offer suggestions.
Translation: It includes Turkish-English, English-Turkish studies in the field of communication or social sciences, with the permission of publication and strictly adhering to the text.