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Referee Process


  1. Etkileşim (Interaction), the Academic Journal of Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, is a peer-reviewed journal.
  2. Manuscripts are reviewed by the Editorial Board before the referee process. Approved manuscripts are sent to two national or international reviewers with expertise in the subject area of the article.
  3. If approved by referees, the article is included in publication process.
  4. If one the peer-review is positive while the other is negative; the manuscript are sent to a third peer-reviewer.
  5. If two peer-reviews are negative, the author will be informed that the work will not be published by referee reports.
  6. Referees may submit helpful comments for the author(s) and put a remark as “can be published after being corrected”, which is then sent to the author, to facilitate the process of any necessary rewriting. The author is expected to send the corrected and final version to the editors in a month. 
  7. The author is expected to take into account criticisms, assessments and revisions of the referees and the Editorial Board. Revised manuscripts may be resubmitted with an accompanying message detailing the changes requested and the action taken. If present, the author’s argument for retaining the original text should also take place.
  8. The revised article resubmitted to the editors will be sent to the same referees again if editorial board finds necessary. Then a new report can be demanded to see if the revisions are made accordingly.
  9. The articles are put in line and published by the time procedure is completed.
  10. The manuscripts sent to the journal will not be returned to the author(s) whether they are published or not.