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Ethical Principles and Publication Policy


Ethical Principles

Etkileşim, the Academic Journal of Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication (henceforth, “the journal”), undertakes to carry out publication ethics within the framework of the standards set by internationally accepted academic institutions, particularly "Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)". In this context, the authors are responsible for the opinions, thoughts and comments in the articles and Üsküdar University cannot be held responsible. Studies containing hate speech, discrimination, marginalization and similar unethical expressions are not taken into consideration. Scientific and academic ethical understanding is based on all stages of evaluation, acceptance and publication of articles. In cases such as the use of fake or fraudulent data, the application of unethical techniques / methods in studies conducted with humans or animals, and the detection of quoting from other sources without reference; the relevant study is not evaluated, and elements mentioned above are reported to the author. Etkileşim is open access journal. The published texts can be used with reference, based on intellectual property and copyright legislation, for academic purposes. They cannot be reproduced partially or completely for commercial purposes. The 'Ethical Principles' of the journal also operate within the framework of the responsibilities of journal stakeholders.

Stakeholder Responsibilities

Editorial Board / Editors

The Editorial Board / Editors (Managing Editor, Editor, Assistant Editors, Language Editors, Web Editors, Secretariat) of Etkileşim are responsible for all kinds of content published in the journal and undertake the following roles and obligations in line with the relevant articles:

• Undertaking all kinds of responsibilities regarding legal processes in line with job descriptions,
• To provide information to the author and the reader upon request,
• To strive for the development of Etkileşim,
• Supporting freedom of thought and expression,
• To stand against hate speech, discrimination and marginalization,
• To be respectful to ethical principles and intellectual rights,
• To carry out all processes transparently in accordance with accountability criteria.


Referees who are experts in their fields employ blind reviewing without compromising academic and ethical principles. Referees must comply with the following rules during the article evaluation process:

• Notifying the editorial board about the studies outside the field of expertise,
• Keeping author names confidential and not trying to communicate with the author,
• Conducting all kinds of communication with the editors through the official digital channels of Etkileşim,
• Carrying out the article evaluation process in line with the principle of confidentiality,
• Not compromising the principle of objectivity in evaluation,
• In the event of any conflict of interest, requesting a rejection of the review and reporting it to the editors,
• Bearing in mind that the assessment is only focused on work, and personal perspective and approach style differences are not allowed to affect the evaluation process,
• Preparing the evaluation report by adhering to the scientific attitude and understanding, without going beyond the limits of academic respect and courtesy,
• Referees involved in the evaluation process are required to adopt the journal's publishing policy, ethical principles and editorial attitude.


Authors who submit articles to Etkileşim are expected to perform in accordance with ethical principles and publication principles. In this context, authors must comply with the following rules set by the editorial board:

• The article cannot have been published in digital or printed media.
• The article cannot be published in any other medium without informing the journal management. However, if the author withdraws the article or the evaluation results negatively, the author may publish his article in another medium.
• An article published in Etkileşim cannot be just published or printed in another medium.
• During the submission process, the "Ethics Committee Approval Report", "Copyright Transfer Agreement" and the documents showing the plagiarism rate (received via Turnitin or iThenticate) should also be submitted to the editorial board.
• If the article is an original study, it should be referred to in accordance with the academic and ethical understanding in case of benefiting from other studies, and all of the cited works should be listed in the bibliography.
• Those who do not contribute to the article should not be included in the author section.
• If any financial support is received during the preparation / publication of the article, this should be clearly stated in the relevant text.
• If information, raw data or annotation is requested regarding the article during the evaluation processes, the data should be forwarded to the relevant units.
• In cases where a possible error or correction is required, the author should be involved in the process by contacting the editors.
• The author's request to withdraw the article is accepted only at the evaluation stage. Article withdrawal requests are not accepted at the printing / publication stage of the journal.
• Requests for changing author names and order of responsibility are not processed for articles taken into the evaluation process. 
• After the articles are edited, they are sent to the authors for final approval before printing.